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John Giordano

Facilities Director

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Family: Wife Melinda, Daughters Gabriella & Giulianna

Favorite Movie: Kelly’s Heroes

How did you come to NBC? Came to NBC from Family Bible Church

What is your role at NBC? My role is Property, Facilities & Set Up Team Director, in that I work to keep God’s property functioning for the ministry that God plans for us at NBC. On Sundays we strive to have an open and receptive enviroment for all those that God may lead to NBC.

What is the best part about your role? My favorite part of my role is getting to see new people and welcome them in the name of Jesus.

What is your favorite Bible passage? Why? Isaiah 40:28-31, because of the promise that God provides the energy & strength to due His Work, beyond what is natural!

Which Bible character do you identify the most with? Why? I try to identify with Joshua & Caleb, as they moved ahead with God’s promise even when no one else wanted to. Later they lead the younger men even at there advanced ages, living proof of my favorite passage, see above.

What is your favorite coffee drink? Medaglio D’Oro – Cafe Espresso Italian Roast

What is your favorite place on the earth? On any unoccupied trail snow or dirt

What makes you laugh? Laughs provided by my children & the teams I coach

What makes you cry? see previous question

What is your favorite television show? Why? Sports & American Restoration because I learn new ways to repair & restore vintage items

What is your favorite pastime? right now, snowboarding & dirt bike riding