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Why NBC?

There are lots of churches out there. What makes Neighborhood Bible Church different?

We are glad you're on our website asking this question. Frankly, there are lots of great churches out there. However, even though people have lots of churches to choose from, it takes them a while to land on one they love. Let us help make the process a little easier by telling you what sets us apart.

1. We like to keep things simple.

There's a few things we do here. And we strive to do them well. We hold services on Sunday mornings, where we open up the Bible and preach from it. We have different community groups throughout the week, where people get together, review Sunday's sermon, and share life with each other. We find different ways to share the gifts and talents God has given us with others. And outside of some other events from time to time, that's pretty much it.

We do this so you can pour into the lives of your family, your friends, and your neighbors. We want you to be able to say "yes" to those around you, so we've said "no" to lots of things.

2. We will help you find your place to serve.

God created every person with different gifts and abilities. With this in mind, we will come alongside you and help you find your best fit for serving the body. Though we keep things simple, there are lots of elements that go into the few things we do. So there is a place for you to share your gifts.

3. We value your family. And your family's time.

God has brought a lot of young families here to NBC. The large amount of kids can sometimes create a bunch of noise. But we're ok with that! We bring the kids in to the main service once a month so families can worship together. We start every Sunday with elementary students in church with their parents. We work with and equip parents to expand at home what is taught on Sundays.

But a large part of how we value your family is by what we don't include. We don't have a lot going on during the week. This is so you can have that much more time with your family.

4. We value adoption and orphan care.

God’s love for us takes many forms, but this one has taken hold here in a special way. Caring for orphans isn’t just a concern of God but a priority, so we’ve made it one as well. We care for many kids around the world and in our own county in a significant, sacrificial way. From adoption, to foster care, to sponsorship, to hosting training events for those loving unclaimed kids, to events that serve foster children and workers in the system, NBC is a place where vulnerable kids are becoming beloved sons and daughters.

5. We value the Spanish-speaking community.

At NBC, we have three services, two langauges, but we are one church. Our community of Spanish-speakers have services every Sunday, community groups, and ways to serve… all in Spanish! And a few times a year, we have bilingual services and events so we can sing, preach, share, laugh, celebrate, and worship together!