Church Center is a one-stop app for you to stay connected with everything happening at NBC! It's the one app you need to know what's going on at Neighborhood Bible Church! Download now for free on Andriod or iOS.

Want to communicate with your church body during the week? We use Slack to keep the conversation going every day of the week! It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, connect with your community, ask questions, request prayer, message others, and make yourself known. And the only people in the community are other people from NBC! To get connected, CONTACT US TO RECEIVE AN INVITE.

Once you’re in, find some channels to join! Each channel is used to target communication to a specific group of people – whether it’s the whole church (#general), a community group (#cg-), a group of parents, or a bunch of people serving on a specific team. Regardless, keep the conversation going!

Slack is available as an app on Macs, Windows, Linux, and all different smartphones. To find the right download link for you, CLICK HERE.

NO SMARTPHONE? No problem! CLICK HERE to access Slack on the web once you’ve used the “SIGN UP HERE” link above to get registered.

Are you serving at our church – in the band, in Family Ministry, on the media team, or somewhere else? Many of our ministries use Planning Center’s Services app to schedule team members, share files, plan set lists, and more! Download the app using the links above, or log in using the link below.

Want to start serving in some way at NBC? CLICK HERE to explore many different ways to use your gifts at NBC!

NO SMARTPHONE? No problem! CLICK HERE to access Planning Center Services on the web.