helping families raise disciples

Parents, particularly fathers, are to raise their children as disciples of Jesus. The church is here to partner with you by providing resources and a community to help fulfill your call. There are parents here who are where you're at, and others who have walked before you. Our community is ready to help, desiring to pour into both children and parents, raising all to be disciples.

Families: Engage, Learn & Thrive Together

Our classes are designed to enrich the entire family. They provide children with a fun and safe environment where they can explore God’s Word in ways they understand. But the benefits extend to parents as well.


We encourage every parent whose child participates in the ministry to take an active role, often as teachers or helpers. By teaching other children, parents enhance their own skills and deepen their connection to the faith. This active involvement fosters a sense of community within our church and allows children to learn from various adult voices.


We cherish the diverse relationships formed in this way. As parents engage more in the classrooms, not only do individual families grow stronger, but the whole church family thrives.

Guiding Families and Children to Jesus

At our church, we embrace a unified focus on Jesus Christ. No matter the age group (2s – PreK, K – 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade), each class explores the same Bible story, delving into it at various levels of understanding. This approach is creative, engaging, and fun for our young learners.

What We Cover: Every story we explore is connected to Jesus. Old Testament stories point towards Him, while New Testament stories lead us to the Cross. Your children will have the chance to journey through the essential stories in both Testaments. Plus, we offer resources for families to explore and apply these stories more deeply at home.

Our Teaching Approach: We follow The Gospel Project curriculum, a special three-year program designed to immerse children in the gospel narrative from Genesis to Revelation. Each week brings a new story, allowing us to move forward in a seamless way.

Special Events and Family Worship: If holidays or special events prevent us from covering a particular story (like Christmas or Easter), we simply move to the next one. Parents, we encourage you to continue family worship on these occasions.

Additionally, on the first Sunday of every month, children K through 5th grade will join their families in the main worship service instead of attending Sunday school. This promotes family worship and unifies our community in faith.

Children's Participation in Main Services

We joyfully invite all children to join our main service at any time, embracing family worship. For those who desire, we provide age-specific classes to make the Gospel message resonate with our youngest members:

  • For Preschoolers: Classes are held nearly every Sunday, specially tailored for their understanding.
  • Elementary School Children: They enjoy the first 20 minutes of the main service, followed by an engaging class designed just for them.
  • Special Sundays: On the first Sunday of each month and during specific events, we unite as one family, without separate classes, celebrating faith together in the main service.

Your children’s spiritual growth is our priority, and we hope to offer enriching experiences that foster their connection to faith.

Connecting with families

The elders and pastors visit member families on a regular basis, spending time in their homes and getting to talk face-to-face.