helping families raise disciples

Parents, particularly fathers, are to raise their children as disciples of Jesus. The church is here to partner with you by providing resources and a community to help fulfill your call. There are parents here who are where you're at, and others who have walked before you. Our community is ready to help, desiring to pour into both children and parents, raising all to be disciples.

We welcome children in our main services.

All kids are welcome in the main service at any time. But we offer age-appropriate classes for kids so they can hear the Gospel in a way that is a little easier for them to understand. But the frequency of those classes decrease as the kids get older. Those younger than kindergarten have class almost every Sunday. Those in elementary school stay in service for the first 20 minutes or so and then are dismissed to class. On the first Sunday of every month and on other occasions, we don’t offer class to them to have them as a part of the main service.

We visit families.

The elders and pastors visit families on a regular basis, spending time in their homes and getting to talk face-to-face.

We have classes on Sunday mornings, designed to help the whole family grow.

The classes that we offer minister to the whole family. Yes, they minister to the kids, giving them a fun and safe environment where they can hear from God’s Word in a way that makes sense to them. But they also minister to the parents. We ask EVERY PARENT with kids in the ministry to serve in the ministry themselves – usually as teachers and helpers. This helps the parents grow as disciplers – having to teach other kids on a regular basis will help them improve on how they teach their own kids. This also brings a deeper community aspect to our church and more voices into the lives of our kids. We love that our kids get to know and learn from other adults in this church. Parents, the more we are in those classrooms, the more our individual families benefit, and the more the church family benefits.

We use curriculum that equips parents and points children to Jesus.

The focus of our curriculum is Jesus. Even though age groups are separated (2s – preK, K – 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade), every class will cover the same Bible story at different levels of depth in a creative, fun, and engaging way. Every Old Testament story that is covered points to Jesus Christ, and every New Testament story points to the Cross. And the kids get to walk through most of the main stories in the Old and New Testament. It also comes with resources to explore and apply each Bible story in more depth in a home environment. More information about our curriculum and which Bible story we are covering on a given week can be found below. Of course, if parents desire for a different strategy to their child’s spiritual growth, such a decision is celebrated! The goal is not necessarily for all NBC families to do the same thing, but rather for our NBC families to raise disciples – and that approach may vary from home to home.

The Gospel Project Curriculum

Our classrooms follows The Gospel Project curriculum. It is “a unique, three-year program to ground children in the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation.”

Each week we cover the next story in the curriculum. If there is an event that causes us to not be able to cover a particular story (such as Christmas and Easter), then we simply skip that story and move to the next. Parents are encouraged to continue family worship regardless if we are able to cover that particular story on Sunday morning.

To further encourage family worship, every first Sunday of the month children K through 5th grade will not have Sunday school classes so that they can attend the main worship service with their families.