Share - Use Your Gifts

Every Christian is a servant, called to share. Share what? First, foremost, and always…the great news of Jesus and His love for sinners. Secondly, we share our lives, things, talent, time and resources. Notice how we share…we walk in them. “Walk” indicates the normal, the everyday…not the heroic, spectacular, or unusual. This means that each day, each MOMENT, is a potential “good work” God designed for YOU!

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GO Team

By some estimates, more than 2 billon people still have not heard the gospel. More than 2,000 languages have yet to have a translation of even one New Testament book. Of the $12 trillion dollars Christians around the world make annually, only 1.7 percent is given to Christian causes and only 1.3 percent of that 1.7 percent goes to missions.

Abysmal as those statistics may seem, God’s church is still growing. Neighborhood Bible Church will be a part of this growth by sending, supporting, and sharing the task with missionaries around the world.

Our Global Outreach Team (or GO Team) meets regularly to pray for the missionaries we support and seek other opportunities to support missions both here and around the world. If you’re interested in joining our team, or if you want to know more, click the button below.