Have you been flocked?

Don’t Despair… A friend of yours paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard. This flocking is done in good will and isn't intended to be mean. This is a summer camp fundraiser for the youth group of Neighborhood Bible Church!

When will the flamingos leave?

Don’t hurt our colorful friends, these flamingos will roost through the weekend, and then migrate at no charge to you. If you would like the flamingos removed quicker, please contact us.

Help support our students while having a little pink flamingo fun!

Use our website to send a flock of a dozen flamingos to your friends', family members' or neighbors' front yard! Want to keep it a secret? We won't tell who sent them... (at least not without receiving a squawk fee.)

Protect your lawn from the flock!

Pink Shield Insurance is now offer protection against flocking for a donation of $75.

Questions? Want to get involved?

Contact Pastor Matt!