Hard to Believe

The radical teaching of Jesus didn't fit into the traditions of the religious leaders of His day. He said, "You have heard that it was said, but I say unto you…” Over and over again he contradicted man made ideas about success, significance, and even spirituality. According to Him, if you want to find your life you have to lose it, you are strong when you are weak, you have to lose to gain, give to get, empty to be filled, die to live…

Today, those same teachings go against the grain of OUR ideas about success, significance, and even spirituality. He dealt with the heart rather than being satisfied with outward appearances. He hung out with sinners, criticized the self righteous, and threw the hypocrites out of the places of worship. He changed all the price tags and required that those who would follow Him must put Him before all other relationships, possessions, and selfish interests.

Go beyond the surface and discover the real life, real joy, real riches of a disciple of Jesus.