2.26.23 Sermon Notes & CG Questions

Acts 3:1-16

February 26, 2023



Next Week: Acts 4

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection

  1. 1. Are you a joyful person? An optimistic person? Consider your outlook on life, and invite the Spirit to challenge the truthfulness of your perspective. Ask that God fill you with hope and joy.

Group Discussion

  1. How can cynicism be dangerous to our spiritual growth? How can we combat cynicism and live as people of hope?
  2. How does our reaction to God’s work in our lives impact others?
  3. What have you experienced that made you feel joy in God? What have other people experienced that filled you with joy? Practice sharing and celebrating how you’ve seen God at work in your life.
  4. The miracle proves the message, how can you remind yourself of the miracles in your life to foster greater confidence in God and boldness in sharing with others?
  5. How can you use your experience of God’s faithfulness to encourage the faith of those who do not yet believe?
  6. Like Paul in Romans 1:16, we can say we are not ashamed of the gospel. How do we show our lack of shame? What does it look like for you to leap?

Plan of Action

8.  What are some practical ways you can show and share your joy in response to the miraculous work of God in your life this week?

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