7.24.22 Sermon Notes & CG Questions

4,000 weeks hours to Live ~ 2 Timothy 2:8-14

July 24, 2022

C.T. What you THINK of suffering determines what you DO in suffering

Think like Paul… (vss. 7-9)

Mark 16:20; John 16:13

Endure like Paul…(vss. 9-14)

NEXT WEEK: Music, Prayer, Testimony, Baptism service

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection
1.  What is your pattern of handling pain and suffering? Are you happy with how you deal with the hard? In what ways have you grown in this?
2.  What are the biggest hurts, disappointments, pains in your life right now?

Group Discussion
1.  How has the “divine partnership” of vs. 7 worked out in your life (WE are to think and GOD gives the insight)?
2.  How do you remain watchful for this partnership and how do you capture the insights God gives?
3.  What does “remembering Jesus risen from the dead” (vs. 8) have to do with enduring suffering? What are some things to remember specifically?
4.  How is Paul’s suffering benefitting others? Does your pain benefit others? Why or why not?

Plan of Action
1.  Write out your theology of suffering. If there are holes in it or parts you don’t understand, go to the Bible and others to help you think rightly about pain and suffering.
2.  Pray that God will find you faithful and able to endure the testing that is sure to come to all who are living for God. Find ways to move toward others who are in pain and bring the comfort and presence of God to them.

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