Sermon Notes & CG Questions 01.09.22


Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection

  1. As we begin the third year of the pandemic, how are you doing? How are you processing your situation through the lens of faith?

Group Discussion

2. How does the account of the centurion highlight the importance of faith in our response to Jesus?

3. How has God used scripture to minister to you in challenging times?

4. How does Jesus’ authority over disease, demons, and disaster bring you comfort during your trials?

5. How has God been glorified through trials in your life? Through the pandemic?

Plan of Action

6. As a group, brainstorm some passages of Scripture that would be helpful to remind you of God’s goodness, his authority, and love for you.

Prayer Prompt

 ~Scripture: Jeremiah 29:7; Matthew 28:1

 ~ Lord, help my city…

 ~ God, help me to share your love with…

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