Sermon Notes & CG Questions 03/21/21

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection

  1. God has a way of clearing out the clutter in churches and in our lives (see John 2:14-17). Has God used the pandemic to clear out things in your life?
  2. Have you lamented well this past year (bringing your hurts and complaints to God)? Have you thanked God in the midst of the hard things?

Group Discussion

  1. Take stock of your own apprenticeship to Jesus (AKA “discipleship”…remember the arrowhead discussed on Sunday). How are you growing up in Him? Do you hear him cheering you on in grace and truth?
  2. How open have you been to the work of God in this season? Beyond being physically open…how are churches to remain open (IE spiritually to the direction of God, relationally to those in need, mentally to new possibilities or correct inaccurate views, other?)
  3. Do you know your role in the body of Christ? NBC is heading in some specific directions as a church, do you know your fit or do you need help with this?

Plan of Action

  1. Assess where you are in your walk with God. (Romans 12:3)
  2. Obey by taking the next step with Jesus (1 John 2:5; 2 Peter 3:18)
  3. Grow in what you already know to do (James 2:22; Col. 1:9-11)

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