Sermon Notes & CG Questions 09.19.21

Why a book of the Bible?

1 Timothy 4:16; Acts 18:5, 11, 28

Why THIS book of the Bible?

“Dwell Well in the House of God”

1 Timothy 3:15

“Do the hard work of getting along”


Philipians 2:20-22; Colossians 1:28-29

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection  

  1. What role does the Bible have in your life right now? Is it where you want to be? In the last 6 months, have you moved closer or further away from to where you want to be?

Group Discussion

  1. Paul is a remarkable picture of steadfast discipleship in the face of all kinds of opposition. What made Paul this way? How is your own calling similar? How is it different? 
  2. Paul’s appointment was from God. How is that different from a self appointed leader?
  3. Imagine why Timothy would listen to Paul? What gave Paul a voice in Timothy’s life? How do you choose those you listen to? Who listens to you and why?
  4. How does (or should) thinking about the church as “God’s household” change your attitude toward it?

Plan of Action

  1. Consider your own life. Are you flourishing right now? Are you living well? What spiritual bruises or scars come to mind as you reflect on where you are right now? The Bible is a light to our path but isn’t automatic or plug and play. How is it shaping you? What help do you need?
  2. As we start a new book of the Bible, make a plan for how you will learn and put into practice the good God has for you. (fresh journal/notebook, accompanying commentary or tool, CG Questions, memorization, read every day for a month, other)
  3. Look for the next step. Is the season a pause or harvest or planting or winter?  If you don’t regularly do this, inventory your time and see how you are stewarding it. Make time for the most important items on your list.

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