Sermon Notes & CG Questions 10.30.22

Reading Over Jesus’ Shoulder/Narrative part 2

Romans 15:4

NEXT WEEK: Vulnerable Children Care

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection
1. What are the ideas, topics or feelings that were stirred up on Sunday? Take time to assess how you took it all in.
2. Do you like review and reflection or is this a challenge for you?

Group Discussion
3. Read our passage out loud. Are there any big insights or “aha’s” that you’d like to share?
4. If you ever forget why you should keep reading the Bible, even when it’s hard or not immediately entertaining, remember our passage. We all need instruction and encouragement. These both come from the scripture. Explain your experience with this.
5. Review the 3 history lessons from Sunday. Which spoke to you most?
6. Discuss tool 1 from Sunday. Offer help to others in your group. Coach one another and even consider doing a practice run through a short passage.
7. Discuss tool 2 from Sunday. Reading over Jesus‘ shoulder is about us keeping Jesus in mind as we read scripture. Jesus, reading over our shoulder is a reminder that he is with us, for us and is forming Himself in us.

Plan of Action
8. Are there things you don’t understand and are causing hurt or distance between you and God? Ask Him to help you with this. Use the STORY method to gain insight.
9. Is there deeper under standing needed in your own family history that is hurting you? When sin and doubt soak in the dark…they tend to grow in power and scope. Seek God in this.


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