Sermon Notes & CG Questions 5.15.22


Reading Over Jesus’ Shoulder

Intro:  May 15, 2022

Psalm 1


NEXT WEEK: the Law of God

Questions for the Community

Personal Reflection  

  1. How comfortable are you reading from different places in the Bible, understanding its genre, and how it fits into the whole story? 
  2. If the Bible is like a giant mansion set in an amazing estate, how much have you explored? What parts are most worn and visited in your Bible?

Group Discussion

  1. Why is Jesus and knowing the genre you are reading so important to understanding the Bible? Have you seen this go in a bad direction (Think through history as well: IE the slave holders in America who cited the Bible for their actions)?
  2. What strikes you about this idea of going deeper and gaining a better understanding of your Bible? As an ocean explorer, have you kept more on the surface or taken some deep dives? 
  3. Does the word “delight” (see Psalm 1) describe your relationship to God’s word? Why or why not?
  4. We are hoping for fruit from this study. Which of the “results hoped for” is most appealing or needed? 

Plan of Action

  1. The why behind the what is always key. Invest time in prayer this week around this idea of learning the Bible better. Go back and pray through Jesus’ words to the Bible scholars (John 5:39-40). Ask God for a renewed delight in His word of life.

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