Church Is God's Idea

You could fill a swimming pool with blogs, articles & books on the topic of The Church. Opinions and experts abound. Is this all this simply open for discussion, or are there standards we must adhere to? Yes.

Church is God’s idea. He has given us clear instruction AND freedom to vary. This has allowed people though the ages to adjust forms while adhering to Truth. From Pentecost to present God has been growing, instructing, protecting, sustaining, cleansing, and pruning the Church.

While there is really only one Church (made up of all who are adopted into God’s family through the saving work of Jesus) there are many churches (local, visible expressions of this reality). What would it look like to thrive as a church?! How would it transform our neighborhood if we were fit and faithful? How amazing is it that God has allowed US such room to create, serve, play, strategize, and work within the parameters He’s provided?

Church is God’s idea. This series is a call to have the mind of God on being and doing church his way. As we look to the Bible, we anticipate being reminded, rebuked and rekindled as the people of God. God help us to share his mind, maintain the same love, unite in Spirit and get intent on one purpose!