What must I do to inherit eternal life?
What does God want from me?
How am I to live my life?
Is there any sense to my pain?
Ever ask a question like one of these? So much has been written, debated, studied, even lived in search of the answer to questions like these. Jesus gave a simple command: Follow me. It is a call to a difficult yet infinitely rewarding life. In two words, a disciple see’s Jesus’ role (commander), his role (follower) and his mission (follow).

Left on our own, the demands made on us seem illogical, unreasonable, unprofitable and for the most part unadvisable. Not only does He make demands of us, Jesus equates our love for him to our obedience to those demands…to many, this seems cruel.

In this series, we will unearth what Jesus demands from every person. Learn what it means to love Jesus by following. Taste the joy and security of being loved by a good shepherd. Grow in your trust of the Good Shepherd, such that His demands become delight instead of duty; a lightweight adventure pack instead of the back breaking, soul incinerating burden of religious rule following.