About Jim

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

College: Cal Poly SLO

Family: Beautiful wife Jennifer and 3 awesome kids, Travis, Tori, and Sadie.

Favorite books: Bill Bright’s Witnessing Without Fear and Neil Mammen’s Jesus Is Involved In Politics.

What is your role at NBC? Elder

What is the best part about your role? I love investing in people and pointing them to Jesus if they don’t know Jesus. Also, I love encouraging followers of Jesus to fall in love with Jesus and develop a deeper relationship with Him and walk in a manner worthy of His calling. Basically, I love to fish for men, make fishers of men, and make disciples to disciple others.

What is your favorite Bible passage? Why? II Peter. I love the fact that His Divine Power has given us everything which pertains to life and godliness and that His Divine Nature allows us to escape the corruption of the world which is through sin. To me this sets the whole tone of II Peter. This allows for believers in Jesus to walk in the mind blowing power of of His Holiness above and beyond anything we can ever imagine.

What is your favorite place on the earth? So far, both my wife and I love Dana Point, CA