About Rich

Who am I:

Rich Henderson, director of Love INC South San Jose.

We’ve been missionaries since:

March 2002

What I am doing:

Rich has been a part of Neighborhood Bible Church since its inception; also, he has been the Director of Love INC since 2002.

Founded in 1989, Love INC of South San Jose is one of 135 Love INC affiliates across the country. Love INC is a network of Christian churches from different denominations that work together to meet the tangible needs of people in their communities in a distinctively Christian and life-transforming way. Love INC acts as a bridge to connect people with specific, legitimate, and manageable needs to caring Christians in their neighborhood.

How you can pray for us:

Pray for insight regarding how to work to graciously and effectively change the status quo of how both Love INC and churches are used to dealing with people in need.  Also pray for protection.  The Enemy doesn’t want to see people holistically helped by the church.

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