The Step Of Yes

The Bible is filled with stories, but they are connected to ONE great story. In short, it is a love story. God is the main character. He initiates and pursues a wayward lover. The assortment of people chronicled in the pages of Scripture is truly astounding. The common thread seen in all of their tales is that God initiates, and they respond.

Over and over, men, women, and children find themselves in trouble. Slavery (to people and sin), broken families, shattered promises, failed dreams, war upon war like waves on the shore…you get the idea. It was not all bad,though!

Time and again, God intervenes, setting the stage for rescue, healing, and redemption. In each instance, God is the hero, yet He includes people in the process! The question for each individual boiled down to a simple step. Yes or no? Stepping toward God led to life, stepping away from Him led to death. It all began with God’s initiation but took shape with that first step. God is still the hero, and God is still initiating…your move.